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Top 1 Enterprise Pte Ltd

We have involved in the food industry for several Years.
Since 1996, we are one of the Major Importer & Wholesaler of Beverages and Desert Products in Singapore. We aim towards Healthy, Authentic & Tasty.

  1. Premier Concentrated Juice
  2. Syrup - Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Peppermint, etc
  3. Fruity Powders
  4. Cappucino Powder and Chocolate
  5. Green Tea Powder and Natural Tea Leaf
  6. Packing Materials - Cup, Straws, Sealer Film
  7. Cold Bean Curd and Soya Bean Powder
  8. Can Beans - Red Bean, Lotus Seed, Yam, Mixed Bean, Herbal Grass Jelly, Ai-Yu Jelly & Aloe-Vera
  9. Snacks Food – Fried Durian, Crispy Waffle
  10. QQ Toppings - Original & Black Sugar Konjac Ball, Black & Golden Pearls, Nata De-Coco, Konnyaku, Magic Pop Ball, Taro Q, Sweet Potato Q, Oreo Crumbs, Lotus Crumbs